5 factors to stay focused and boost your results in B2B business

The B2B market is expanding in Brazil and the world

The digital B2B market is growing constantly. According to a survey conducted by Forrester Research, e-commerce among companies has the potential to grow twice as fast as B2C. The firm estimates that this market can earn around US$ 1.2 trillion by 2021.

Brazil has great opportunity for growth, even if gradually, as many companies are already becoming aware of and adhering to digital media to benefit their transactions. B2B sales can be extremely rewarding and profitable to suppliers, and then it’s important knowing how to handle them.

According to Fabrizio Tassitano, the five key factors are:

1- Highlight features and distinguishing points

Many suppliers always try to demonstrate the results and benefits of their products and services, but they forget to point out features and distinguishing points. When comes to a virtual environment, the more detailed the information, the easier will be for the buyer to choose your company. It’s important to show that your offer is technically prepared in helping him to reach his goal, and show the key qualities of your product clearly, to render the decision faster and more assertive.

2- Be present

One of the most important factors to gain relevance in a marketplace regards the level of response of the supplier when receiving quotations. It’s vital to interact and keep a close relationship with buyers: make comments, dispel any doubts and answer to messages. Respond to all received requests and, if you can’t answer, reject the request so the buyer will know that your company can’t provide that particular item. Additionally, offer the same service level to all customers, regardless of the size of their businesses.

3- Make your value proposition clear

A well described product can be found easily, and the chances of conversion increase significantly. When you register your offer on the B2B portal, insert as much information about the product as possible, like technical specifications and images, in order to make the search easier for the buyer. Define also the appropriate categories, so the product can be found more easily. It’s important to avoid volume without quality, considering that buyers are looking for security and reliability in a B2B marketplace.

4- Offer the best price with the best quality

Prices far below those offered by the market can create uncertainties or bad impression for your company. As buyers always analyze the overall context, be aware of product quality, not just price, and study the market to deliver the best product, at the most attractive price. It’s good practice to work with progressive price reduction tables as the requested quantity increases.

5- Preserve your reputation

Customized service is a competitive distinguishing point, and helps to retain customer loyalty. Having a good evaluation among buyers is crucial. Therefore, it’s important to deliver quality within the agreed time, meeting the requirements of your customers. Remember to do after-sales management and seek registered certifications to have more credibility in the community.

Reflect on these factors and analyze if your business is ready to achieve significant results in B2B e-commerce, as the possibilities for growth are really high!


The article by Fabrizio Tassitano, Product Director at Mercadoe, can be found in InforChannelE-commerce News and Administradores news and information portals. The text addresses the five key aspects the supplier must consider to leverage his B2B business results.

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