Following the example of startups, where employee engagement and motivation are evident, many companies decided to implement agile methodology. It’s the process in which responses to change come in the first place.

This was the case with us from Mercadoe: we put this methodology into practice about two years ago. In this way, solution delivery has become faster and more adapted to the customers’ needs. This is explained by Fabrizio Tassitano, Director of Products and Solutions at ME, in his article published at the and Business Consultant portals.

According to Mr. Tassitano, the process of implementing an agile culture involves engaging, motivating and giving purpose to employees. “In the initial sprint of any company, a great deal of effort is aimed at business-related elements: achieving results, winning new customers and obtaining success in the new initiative”, said he.

“This alignment of goals allows employees to feel equally responsible, and this creates engagement. It’s one of the distinguishing points of startups, where the atmosphere seems lighter, faster and more assertive”.

Agile Methodology: benefits and challenges

The new methodology of work at Mercadoe was implemented by the company’s own professionals. The action was also a training course for a work mode based on direct engagement, and brought direct benefits to the company and its customers.

Agile thinking emerged in 2001, when a group of renowned developers signed the “Manifesto for Agile Software Development”, proposing that individuals and their interactions – be they employees or customers – are more important than processes and tools.

Although truly innovative, agile methodology can present some challenges, particularly when applied to organizations. In companies with a more rooted culture, as Mr. Tassitano explains, the task can be even more complex.

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