ME develops a strategic solution for supplier and third party management

New regulations, legal obligations and inspections increase the demand of companies for supplier and third party management

One of the toughest challenges in the procurement area is to promote good supplier management. This occurs because the supply chain is now involving more and more companies and regulations, and new legal obligations are issued every day. In addition, the inspection by public entities is even more effective, due to the automation of data collection from companies.

To meet the growing demand for a system to control the supplier management process, Mercadoe, one of the leaders of B2B e-commerce in Latin America, developed a solution in the SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) models. It features fast implementation and low cost, combining technology and support services. The focus of Supplier Management is to centralize and manage all information from business partners.

“In this scenario, with so much information and rules from different sources, managing the risks of a relationship with commercial partners is more and more important. Preserving the image of the brand, avoiding shortages, reducing risks of fiscal and labor co-responsibility, and meeting the company’s internal standards are vital actions for supply chain management”, said Marcelo Pereira, Supplier Management Director at Mercadoe.

“We started then to offer all data regarding partner management in a single database, and with the possibility of integration with any ERP system, to make implementation easier”. Allowing access through different devices is critical nowadays. Therefore, mobility is also part of the solution. “Our interface is fully responsive and data can be accessed from any device”, added Mr. Pereira.

The solution enhances also communication between companies and their most varied suppliers. Supplier Management has been developed based on full collaboration assumptions, to enable sharing partner data with business units. In addition to buyers and suppliers, external information bases such as Internal Revenue Services, Sintegra, credit bureaus and other institutions, can also interact to keep the data updated. Consequently, the qualification of your partner can be optimized, and then appraised along the delivery period, while outsourced labor contracts are managed.

Supplier Management is based on the register of partners, related to five main modules: Registration, with interaction between buyer, supplier and external bases; Certification, with all legal, financial, technical and normative aspects of partners; Evaluation, which monitors company performance during the delivery period; Audit, a module that enables creating specific forms for each type of inspection; and Third Party Management, which automates and streamlines the process of managing and controlling the information from companies and outsourced employees.

In addition to enabling procurement professionals to engage in truly strategic business activities, Supplier Management promotes also the correct arrangement of standards that involve management, with several benefits – such as operational efficiency and cost reduction. The solution also favors governance issues, as it enables the systematic management of risks related to suppliers, and the implementation of audit routines of all business relationships with company partners.

Overhauled from a new concept of fast implementation, with low cost and in a short time, the solution eliminates the need of conventional methodologies of project execution, and the use of programming codes. This has been possible thanks to the development of a new technology platform, which allows the parameterization and customization of the solution by business professionals without any programming experience – and enables also the automation of other company-specific processes. “If we needed months once to carry out a project, now we are able to deliver the solution immediately” said Mr. Pereira.

Another feature of this platform is the automation of reports and charts, along with access to a control panel with information selected from each user. The system offers also a calendar to assist in process scheduling control.

Supplier Management: the management of ME suppliers and other services

In addition to solution flexibility, in a safer environment and a simple and intuitive interface, companies also benefit from the user support services – along with the optional Document Verification and Diligence services, provided through active telephone contacts, in order to inform and demand the solution of pending issues.