Using technology to boost B2B procurement processes is now a reality.

According to Forrester Research, 30% of corporate purchases are made on digital platforms and, according to forecasts, that number will increase to 56% within three years.

In addition to the natural trend, the current scenario has accelerated and reinforced the need for supply chain digitization. Using technology in procurement’s daily chores is now a must, not only to gain agility, collaboration and savings in business, but also to keep operations running with the least possible impact.

These digital platforms allow professionals to be more analytical and strategic, along with the possibility of accessing and working anytime, anywhere.

Keep on reading this article and find out how Mercado Eletrônico and our technological solutions can help the B2B segment.


Mercado Eletrônico: more than 25 years of history

Mercado Eletrônico, a Latin America leader in technological solutions and B2B services, has been established in 1994, with the goal of automating the procurement and sales processes between companies, and generating more savings, security, agility and collaboration between business partners.

B2B solutions are based on usability, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the ecosystems that are integral part of procurement processes, on a platform that allows integration with any ERP.

Through our technology, the B2B buy-and-sell process – which was previously operational and with a very high lead time – has become automated and faster.

ME’s solutions include e-ProcurementOrder ManagementSupplier ManagementCLM and e-Marketplace processes.


How do we work?

Mercado Eletrônico’s platform works to connect buyers and suppliers, thus eliminating the need for e-mails, phone calls and other difficult-to-manage media.

Professionals have only to access a portal, and are capable to control and manage B2B purchases and sales in a full on-line and simple way, anytime, anywhere.

All information is stored in a single location, ensuring compliance and more decision-making power, to be really strategic.

Mercado Eletrônico’s solutions are based on SaaS technology. In other words, there’s no need for infrastructure, equipment and maintenance staff, but only a secure Internet connection.

ME have now more than 8 thousand buyers and 1 million suppliers, with transactions exceeding R$ 100 billion on its platform annually.

Discover the solutions offered by Mercado Eletrônico:



To revolutionize the operational procurement flow of businesses, ME offers four modules: Request, Order, Invoice and Pay. They allow you to consolidate all requests in a single environment, in order to have a managerial view of orders and achieve the best procurement results, along with better control and organization of received invoices, and all payments concentrated on a single platform.

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Order Management 

The Order Management solution enables managing the whole order cycle, from suppliers’ orders to goods receipt, assuring up to 30% reduction in operational procurement costs. And the best is that you won’t invest a single cent.

The solution’s key practices include the receipt of products and services, regularization and approval of orders, confirmation and due diligence, along with spend analysis.

Its deployment is the simplest and fastest way to start digitizing the procurement  area, and optimize transactions, approvals and communication between buyers and suppliers.

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Supplier Management

The Supplier Management solution allows managing all processes related to your business partners, in a simple and centralized way.

Its modules include supplier registration, approval, assessment, inspection and third party management.

As technology advances, so do organizations’ challenges. In addition to basic issues such as price, quality and delivery, you must be concerned with brand image, sustainability, shortages, and risks of fiscal and labor co-responsibility. This solution helps managing all such variables automatically, in a single environment.

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CLM (Contract Management)

It isn’t yet possible to say goodbye to the contractual bureaucracies of daily corporate life, but the CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) solution can be a great ally in achieving more visibility, control, compliance and, last but not least, cost reduction.

With it, you can bid farewell to financial losses due to the lack of process automation and control, thanks to the management of the entire life cycle of contracts, in an automatic and centralized way.

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Mercado Eletrônico’s e-Marketplace community has more than 1 million suppliers on its platform. Through it, buyers no longer need to browse multiple sites to find partners and do good business deals.

ME’s e-Marketplace offers features to those looking for new suppliers and products, with the possibility of comparing prices in an agile and intuitive way, and access to product catalogs and promotions.

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