Digital transformation has been a reality for some years now. The covid-19 pandemic not only strengthened it, but showed the importance to be present in the on-line universe for companies.

This statement is even more relevant for suppliers, considering that the virtual environment increases brand, product and service exposure.

A correct positioning on the Internet is a complex task, which requires facilitators to make the process faster and more assertive.

Among the existing solutions, there is the marketplace – which besides avoiding the work and investment required to create your own on-line store, makes the management of opportunities and quotations easier, by submitting orders, business histories and performance analyses in a single tool.

In this post, Fabrizio Tassitano, Product and Marketing Director at Mercado Eletrônico, shares some important views about the use of technology and marketplace in B2B. Keep on reading!

e-Marketplace offers new opportunities for all kinds of businesses

e-Marketplaces are firmly established on the Internet already. This business model offers a health of new opportunities for all segments and company sizes. The idea behind this concept is to help businesses showcase their products and increase their sales.

For suppliers, being part of an e-marketplace means increasing the exposure of their products and services to thousands of potential buyers. This allows the company to expand its sales with low investment and less effort.

To increase the chances of closing deals, it’s important to keep the register information updated at the on-line environment, with key data such as location, operation area and product lists. In this way, searches become more assertive, thus increasing the chances of the company to be found by buyers.

In addition to the active search of buyers, e-marketplace solutions provide recommendations, suggestions and business opportunities, everything based on suppliers’ history of transactional indicators and the quality of registration.

Technology is key for those who want to stand out in a quick and cheap way

This is perhaps the fastest and cheapest way to generate leads and increase revenue with new customers.

Investing in technology is another fundamental step. Tools of SaaS (Software as a Service) models, for instance, provide registration of incoming and outgoing products, new deals, quotations and history lists at the cloud – making it easier for employees to access this information anytime, anywhere.

Another technology that can work as a support in on-line presence is artificial intelligence – which helps in the analysis of customer data (both internal and from the market), in order to optimize decision-making processes.

In the same way, IoT (Internet of Things) solutions facilitate predictive analysis, and allow foreseeing demands and creating solutions quickly and efficiently.

Keep yourself updated on market innovations

In summary, you must keep updated with the most innovative products on the market! There are hundreds of businesses that have already took their place under the sun in the digital environment.

With this perspective, following what is new, and understanding the best way to apply it to your business, can guarantee greater visibility and more sales opportunities.

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