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Gestão de Risco: como evitar fraudes em compras

Risk management: how to avoid frauds in purchasing

Nowadays there is a tendency in the market of elevating outsourcing processes that raise the dependency for a qualified supplier data base. Facing this reality, this theme has been approached by different factors and among the most relevant, we ca...


Purchasing: The one who buys better sells better

Written by Carolina Costa, Mercado Eletrônico´s Europe Marketing & Sales Manager – DO IT magazine Talk about globalization has been going on for some time, and there are still resistants’ and supports (as in life). It is good to be in a ...

App created by Mercado Eletrônico optimizes the management of employees

Mercado Eletrônico developed internally an app to carry out the management of their collaborators in an individual and personalized way. The People & Management centralizes all information of each collaborator, such as resume, positions, profe...

Aplicativo criado pelo ME para a gestão de colaboradores das empresas

People & Management app appears in magazine for human resource professionals

The magazine Melhor – Gestão de Pessoas, an official publication from the Associação Brasileira de Recursos Humanos (ABRH-Brazil), published an article about People & Management, an app for the management of employees developed by Mercado Elet...

Purchasing processes: it is necessary to automatize avoiding failure

Managers need to keep in mind the importance of maintaining most of the operational load automatic during the purchasing processes I have heard innumerous times that there isn’t space for technology within the purchasing processes of the companies...

Sabe por que a governança é tão importante?

How corporative governance makes the difference in companies

Far from being a tendency, processes help companies to establish themselves in increasingly competitive market. Warren Buffett, from Berkshire Hathaway, Mary Barra, from General Motors, Lowell McAdam, from Verizon, Larry Fink, from BlackRock and o...

Mais de 10 temas em 8 horas de conhecimento em comércio eletrônico B2B
Mais de 10 temas em 8 horas de conhecimento em comércio eletrônico B2B