Seis dicas para manter uma operação de excelência durante a pandemia

An article by Adriana Oliveira, our HR Director, was published by the Meio & Mensagem portal, discussing the benefits that can be reaped by investments with digitized methods and systems, driven by the coronavirus crisis in the B2B market.

Factors such as employee self-reliance, smart use of technology, definition of clear goals and proximity to customers were decisive, for some companies, to stand out in this scenario, with entire teams working remotely.

Adriana believes that some actions must be put into practice to allow organizations to stay active and productive during this period.

See all the tips published on the Meio & Mensagem portal, and make a difference in your company:


Six actions to keep an excellent operation during Covid-19 pandemic

1. Agile methodology

The adoption of an agile work method fosters a horizontal hierarchy, and assures higher team’s self-reliance. When remote work became a reality for many people overnight, this change had little impact on those businesses operating with agile methodologies already, with no consequences on operation and productivity.

2. Virtual meetings

Keeping proximity with employees is crucial at this time. Videoconferences ensure eye contact and preserve ties among people. It’s important that everyone can track company’s results, and also understand future plans and strategies. There are several apps at our disposal, which can be used for such digital meetings.

It’s also important to include, in every meeting, sessions dedicated to questions and answers, to assist teams in their key pains – and that Human Resources professionals give special attention to all newcomers in the company.

3. Use technology to your own advantage

The more your company can master technology, the more unharmed it will go through this period. Management platforms that organize internal and external demands, for instance, help controlling requests and activities, and offer more productivity in the management of individual tasks. Consequently, employees will be able to plan their future more easily. And HR gains agility and effectiveness in employee management, such as in performance appraisals, individual development plans and career plans, among other aspects.

4. Definition of Objective Key Results (OKRs)

In summary, OKRs are both the company’s goals and the means chosen to achieve them. In other words, they are a definition of the path that the company wants to track, along with the small steps that must be taken, so all can achieve such great goals together. Considering that employees and managers aren’t in close proximity now, these goals must be clear to the whole team.

5. Ongoing communication

It’s true that not everyone has time to spare for daily meetings. In this case, keeping the frequency of reports can be a distinguishing point. Newsletters, for instance, are an excellent way for such procedure. A striking layout and relevant information guarantee that all internal news reaches employees with ease.

6. Meetings and lives with customers

Keeping proximity with customers assures quick identification of issues that may arise during this period – and the company gains agility to support those who have difficulties in specific areas. An initiative that can make this easier is the creation of live meetings, addressing themes that can be interesting for your contractors. This is a way to keep on conducting relationship “events” and to communicate with the general public.

There are several precautions that companies must take during this period. Nothing is more important than the care that everyone should have, even in a normal routine. What we must do now is finding ways to keep that remote care.


It’s up to you now. What has your company done to keep its excellence during the pandemic crisis? Tell us in the comments field.

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