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Como aplicar a sustentabilidade em compras?

Mercado Eletrônico offers a sustainable alternative to reusable corporate materials

To help reducing scrap accumulation and allow reusing certain objects, Mercado Eletrônico – a B2B e-commerce operator in Latin America – is conducting a direct auction system for over 20 years now. It’s a platform that finds buyers for all k...

Reverse auction: fast and effective electronic negotiations

Surely you have already heard the “Going once, going twice, going three times, sold!” expression in some movie or TV series. But did you know that you can use auction techniques in the corporate environment, in order to streamline the ...

marketplace b2b

Mercado Eletrônico offers a Verified Vendor Seal on its marketplace

B2B business systems require constant innovation to satisfy increasingly demanding users, as well as governance and compliance rules. B2BOL (Business-to-Business Online) data released this year foresee a revenue, in December 2019, of R$ 2.39 trill...

Leilão Reverso - O que é - Como Funciona

Reverse auction: What it is and how it works?

You will find everything about reverse auction in this post: from its meaning to how it works, along with its modes and benefits. Keep on reading and don’t miss any details! In the market, a basic premise for the procurement area of any comp...

o impacto da robotização para os profissionais

The impact of robotization on the daily life of professionals

In the previous post, we talked about how technologies are helping to save time and optimize business. Nowadays, digitization is not just a matter of investment, but of life actually. These advances have concerned the professionals, who are wary o...

Technology helps saving time and optimizing business processes

Spending fewer hours on frequent processes helps companies to achieve savings, agility, governance and collaboration. But not all companies view it that way. Albert Einstein was right to say that “Lack of time is the excuse of those who wast...

Gestão de riscos corporativos

5 key steps to efficient risk management

In our time, a company without risk management can hardly survive in the marketplace. For those still unfamiliar with the term, Risk Management is a set of activities aimed at managing and controlling a company against potential threats. This goes...

The benefits of being part of a B2B marketplace

Technological development has brought new ways of buying and selling products to the market. This is very common when comes to B2C commerce. In fact, it isn’t surprising to hear about the emergence of new e-commerce modes, and how much big r...

Consultoria em gestão de fornecedores ajuda a evoluir o processo em empresas

The value of relationship with suppliers

The relationship between buyers and suppliers is deserving attention by the B2B market and is increasingly important for business competitiveness. In fact, a 2016 survey by Fundação Getulio Vargas/celog indicates the relationship between buyers an...

Como convencer os gestores da importância da transformação digital?

How to persuade your leaders about the importance of digital transformation?

Digital transformation is now a matter of survival for Brazilian companies; we have already talked about it in this specific post. However, many of such companies still have difficulties to advocate the importance of innovation to their leaders, i...

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