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Como convencer os gestores da importância da transformação digital?

How to persuade your leaders about the importance of digital transformation?

Digital transformation is now a matter of survival for Brazilian companies; we have already talked about it in this specific post. However, many of such companies still have difficulties to advocate the importance of innovation to their leaders, i...

Innovation is a matter of survival in Brazil

With the wave of digital transformation and the arrival of 4.0 technologies in Brazil, many companies are threatened and possibly doomed to failure. But the solution is quite simple: INNOVATION! According to a survey by CNI (National Confederation...

Technology vs. Business: How to align goals?

Digital transformation has brought obvious results to businesses. Productivity gains from automation and the use of technologies have rendered decisions smarter and roles more strategic within organizations. However, we must launch a warning signa...

The challenges of Leader 4.0 in Brazil

In a world where everything is now 4.0, it’s impracticable for a professional to keep using old management methods and working with aged processes, without technology support to drive business processes. It’s true that digital transfor...

Three tips for distribution channels, in order to increase B2B sales

When it’s important being present where the consumers are, all can be very challenging. In addition to knowing market trends, for successful sales you must be aware of the behavior of those who buy, and stay aligned with the company’s ...

Contract management: sustainability and performance for your company

Sustainability is what people are currently talking about in their businesses. And the theme is far from being a fashion trend in the corporate world, but rather a sense of obligation and urgency, for both businesses themselves and Planet Earth. I...

(Português do Brasil) Compras na Indústria 4.0: a quarta revolução industrial nos suprimentos



How crowdsourcing can help your company grow

One of the most important aspects of technology’s impact on people’s lives is its capacity to bring people closer together: TI tools facilitate communication between multiple service users. Nowadays, it’s common to see many people working together...

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