Every day, since Brazilians have been forced to stay at home, to protect themselves from the new coronavirus, newscasts show disheartening numbers about the employment situation in the country. Thousands of people had been dismissed, and those who were unemployed began to find even more difficulties in the search for a new job.

The golden question is: how to stand out among applicants and increase the chances of getting a job, even during the period of social isolation?

Maybe there are hundreds of different and correct answers to this question, but be aware that your attitude towards the restrictions imposed by the pandemic can be a distinguishing point for recruiters.


Optimism is a competitive edge during the pandemic

Adriana Oliveira, HR Director at Mercado Eletrônico, thinks that being positive in the midst of so many difficulties can be really a good distinguishing point.

“In the interviews I conducted during the period of social distance, I tried to find out if the applicant in question was managing to be resilient in face of this complicated crisis. When the interviewee demonstrates that he/she has managed to establish a routine with discipline, fulfill small daily goals at home and keep hope and positivity as much as possible, he/she will be ahead of others already. Taking advantage of free time to take on-line courses, invest in personal improvement and even acquire knowledge in other disciplines have many positive points as well. On the other hand, showing discouragement about the scenario isn’t going to make any recruiters interested in you”.


Being a protagonist of your own career is also a distinguishing point

At Mercado Eletrônico, two types of responses have been perceived when we decided to apply home office work for all employees.

The vast majority started to produce even more, showing the ability to overcome adversity and act quickly in face of this crisis. On the other hand, some of them were lost due to the freedom offered by working at home, and had difficulties to define goals and limits.

As stressed by Adriana, “As recruiters, we don’t look for employees who dedicate all their time to work and stop interacting with their families at home; we must be confident that such professionals will be able to establish a delivery routine and meet both deadlines and goals. And this even in the midst of family demands – which can be more incumbent with children and teenagers at home, due to the suspension of face-to-face classes”.

The crisis imposed by the new coronavirus requires employees’ protagonism with regard to their careers and the development of social and emotional skills. Therefore, if a professional is looking for a new position in the market, our advice is to start a self-imposed routine now, even a simple one. Try to take refresher courses, and to be always versatile and committed in interviews.


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