e-Procurement is a digital solution that automates procurement processes between businesses, thus reducing the operational burden on the team.

The buyer, for instance, won’t have to call or e-mail their suppliers to ask price quotations, as this is done automatically by the platform.

Using a platform, procurement professionals can control all processes in a single environment and gain strategic focus, with significant results for the business.

We have created a quick test below, so you to check if the processes in your procurement area are still outdated. Just think “yes” or “no” for each item.

The processes in your procurement area have:

  • Low level of savings
  • High procurement lead time
  • Manual and dispersed processes
  • High cost of the procurement process
  • Lack of history and monitoring (from request to order)
  • Poor auditing and compliance
  • Low visibility of procurement performance
  • Low level of collaboration with suppliers

If you answered “yes” to at least one of the conditions above, it’s time to consider a solution that automates and integrates your whole procurement area.

In e-Procurement, all procurement steps are recorded on a single platform, from request to payment (Procure-to-Pay):

  • Purchase request
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Price quotation
  • Comparative map (with automatic indication of the best proposal)
  • Negotiation with suppliers
  • Invoices
  • Payment

How does e-Procurement impact the procurement sector?

For a long time, B2B purchases had been done manually. The department’s key function was to support other areas, even at high expenses.

With the increase in market competitiveness and technology advances, organizations had to rethink their procurement strategies, focusing on cost reduction and innovation.

Additionally, uncertain scenarios such as health crises, geopolitical conflicts and product supply shortages have also driven the digitization of global supply chains.

Today, Procurement is considered one of the most important areas for business results, and includes other relevant aspects besides savings, such as sustainability and innovation.

The B2B procurement automation process

Procurement processes that aren’t digitized yet depend on spreadsheets, e-mails and printouts – which impacts team productivity directly, with an excess of operational activities and low control level.

But now, in the face of digital transformation, the procurement professional acts with more intelligence and strategy, in search of results for the company.

With the automation of procurement processes, all procurement-related actions are recorded and can be integrated to other systems.

Digitization allows buyers and managers to follow each step of the procurement flow, and to communicate much more easily with their business partners.

What are the main benefits of e-Procurement for procurement?

One of the main benefits of using the e-Procurement solution is the achievement of savings and agility, with the optimization of procurement processes.

By adopting this tool, buyers can make quotations with more suppliers and have access to faster negotiations – and, with that, reduce the procurement lead time.

In addition, the visibility of data and information on the platform provides important insights to plan the purchases and make better decisions.

e-Procurement also allows you to consolidate and record all operations, which makes processes with your partners more transparent, traceable and auditable.

Discover ME’s e-Procurement solution

Mercado Eletrônico’s e-Procurement solution eliminates unnecessary costs and converts your procurement area in a driver to achieve the organization’s business objectives.

The digital platform automates the full B2B procurement cycle, thus enabling all processes to be accessed and controlled from any device connected to the Internet.

Mercado Eletrônico’s e-Procurement is a responsive and secure platform, which offers agility, savings, governance and collaboration.

See below the main benefits achieved with our e-Procurement solution:

Control of the whole B2B procurement flow

On-line, secure and collaborative platform

Agility with reduction of operational activities

Analytical vision for more strategic decisions

Cost reduction and increased savings

Transparency and better

Mercado Eletrônico has a team of experts in technological solutions for procurement management.

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